Book of Spells


Book of Spells

Creating your own successful spell doesn’t require a creed, book of rules or special practice.  The only true requirement for a spell to take effect is your personal magickal intention.  Enchanted candles, oils and other tools of the craft simply amplify and assist in channeling your focused energy and magickal intent.  Objects of the craft, rituals and ceremonies serve as conduits between the Goddesses honored the universe and your innate power.  To cast a positive and successful spell, you must channel your magickal energy with wisdom, open heart, open mind and open spirit.   

Must a Spell Rhyme? 

Much like a poem, a magickal-incantation that rhymes creates harmony, focus and another layer of energy.  The rhythmic flow of chanting a spell can lead to a trans-like state enhancing your command over your intention.  Rhythm and rhyme (in language) is often viewed as a marker for “higher” speech. 

Verbalization of your inner intent is one of the “most” powerful and key components of a spell.  However when all is said and done, in truth a spell’s incantation does not have to rhyme in order to successfully achieve its desired effect.  Although… it has been said that poetry is an offering to the divine and a magickal spell is no different!

Magickal Intention

A magickal spell may be closely compared to what other religions refer to as prayer.  Very similar to Wiccan spells, many of the world’s religions use rhythm and rhyme (musical sounds, singing, chanting and dancing), invoke deity, use ceremonial garb (head coverings, robes, physical adornments) and (as in Wicca) utilize tools (oils, candles, incense, chalices, physical objects that represent diety).   From “The Lord’s Prayer” that asks for protection, forgiveness and blessings; to Native American rain dances – All prayers and spells are performed with personal intention.

Spells are based on the concept that within each of us, emanates an energy that mirrors the depth of the universe.  Spells are very personal but do not have to be complicated to achieve success.  With a little practice, anyone can create their own personalized spell.  Of course, it is equally as effective to follow a spell already written.  Remember: the most important ingredient in any spell is a specified purpose and magickal intention.  With a little creativity you can successfully create your own powerful spells.   Within each link you’ll find some of our favorite magickal spells.  Each spell complements one of our featured Spell Oils (but you may choose to use your own).  We encourage you to experiment, channel your creativity and personalize any of these spells in any manner you wish too. 

Merry Spell-Casting!